About Libtra Tours

About Libtra Tours

Welcome to Libtra Tours – Manchester, United Kingdom’s #1 tour guide & travel company!

Our History

Growing up in Manchester, Libtra founder of Libtra Tours, naturally grew an affinity for her home town. The passion and essence of Manchester stuck with her throughout the years. Every time relatives and/or friends would come to visit Libtra would be the one to take them out for an adventure around the city and beyond. Libtra loved it so much that she offered small tour gigs to tourists on a small scale.

As Libtra’s reputation grew, her bookings began to become overwhelming so she decided to find other people to serve tourists as she did. From what started off as a gig, grew to a company full of passionate Manchester tour guides and a travel service company. That’s what we, at Libtra Tours have become today!

Come here for a virtual tour guide of Manchester United and for a great resource for your Manchester travels. Find out where to go, where to stay, and what to do in Manchester here at Libtra Tours.

Your experience begins here!